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Jun 25, 2022
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Antares Global
15 Nov, 2021

New ATH in Antares Global +94%, and now in the top 5 of Iconomi cryptostrategies ranking, thank you $POWR!!!

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Antares Global
11 Nov, 2021

Evergrande collapsed? Sure?

I think there’s some FUD going on here… don’t you think? 😏

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Antares Global
1 Nov, 2021

New ATH in Antares Global, now near +70% in 6 months (thanks to $OCEAN and $OMG!!!)

Also Antares Global got recognized as one of the top 100 best performing crypto strategies at Nilsson Hedge Crypto Strategy Ranking, see here:

Definitely what a nice way to start November!!!

To the moon and beyond!!! 

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Antares Global
20 Oct, 2021

Celebrating new ATH for Bitcoin, this will bring new ATH for Antares as well, to the moon!!! 

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Antares Global
26 Sep, 2021

Antares Global on the 8th place in the cryptostrategies ranking as we take advantage of the recent fall in cryptos. Nice swing trades after a not a very bad week after all!

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Antares Global
20 Sep, 2021

This article explains very well why cryptos are impacted by Evergrande collapse. To sum up: Tether has its headquarters in Hong Kong and might have Evergrande commercial paper in its portfolio, though iFinex has denied it.

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Antares Global
20 Sep, 2021

Despite of this red sea, a 10-15% fall is something normal in cryptos so let's not panic as long as $BTC remains above 43-43.5k.

Interesting to see how Bitcoin has begun to correlate with macro events: US CPI came slightly lower than expected and that provided a lift for Bitcoin as US Dollar was losing steam.

Last night Asian stock exchanges sell off (probably due to Evergrande liquidation) has added some bearish pressure on Bitcoin but it's just a question of time that strong bounce takes place in the cryptomarket.

Anyway I'll be watching things closely and will act accordingly to protect our last months gains.

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Antares Global
18 Sep, 2021

If the market remains bullish and there's a short-term correction, just build your position and wait, patience is always rewarded!!!

New All-Time High for Antares Global!!! And this is just the beginning of a new leg up!!! Take the chance and invest in Antares 

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Antares Global
15 Sep, 2021

New All-Time High for Antares Global at the time of writing this, as it's one of the top 20 strategies in the last 24 hours. This morning we have reduced exposure to $BTC while adding $ADA, $ALGO , $AVAX, $LUNA, $FTT, $MDX and $STEEM . The cryptomarket looks ready for another leg up, the party will probably start when $BTC breaks above $47.5k.

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Antares Global
11 Sep, 2021

Taking some nice profits in $ADA and $UNI as we’re in the top 20 cryptostrategies today. Charts were screaming accumulate and not sell. Patience is key and you have to get used to volatility when it comes to cryptotrading.

Always HODL! And if you want to diversify your cryptoinvestments…. dont forget to invest some euros in Antares Global Cryptostrategy! 😜

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