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Hole in One


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Hole in One Strategy Performance

Hole in One Strategy Performance

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About this Strategy

About this Strategy

One Coin One Goal!


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-91.96 %
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+3.61 %



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Hole in One
30 May, 2023

Linea(r)ecta 📈🚀🚀🚀@linearfinance $LINA #Lina

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Hole in One
20 Apr, 2023

Golf and Crypto!

In golf and crypto, sometimes there's profit to gain,

A swing on the green or a coin that's on the rise.

Both are an art, a game of days and nights,

And only a few know the right steps to take in sight.

On the fairway, we stand in sun and rain,

Hitting a ball, hoping it finds the hole.

The silence before the shot, the cheer after the putt,

Moments that make our hearts race, and memories that we never forget.

But crypto has its own unique charm,

An investment that could yield a great return.

Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum,

A world of possibilities, that keeps us intrigued and yearn.

In golf and crypto, it's all about the profit,

Making the right decisions at the right time.

And when we combine our strategies just right,

We can grow our portfolio and fill our bags with prizes in sight.

So, let's step onto the green and explore the digital world,

Persistent and determined to succeed.

For in golf and crypto, there's profit to gain,

And we are ready to find it and embrace it with gain.

Have a nice day!😉

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so when hole in one ? For now its only putting money in a hole ?

Crypto is a zero sum game, cash input = cash output. Winners are those who input but also grab first.

Hole in One
7 Oct, 2022

Playing with money in Crypto currency is like playing Golf...'Don't get in trouble'. 😉⛳️💰 

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super 👌...Good Luck 👍...Go Linear